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The tradition of the Trattoria Cesarino dates back to the Second World Wa, when Cesarino and his wife decided to begin in a booming Florence that planned its rebuilding. With the Trattoria, Cesarino wanted to hand down the Tuscan cuisine, that genuine and ageless.

After the management of the founder and eponymous, the Trattoria Dopo la gestione del fondatore ed eponimo, la trattoria passed to an other couple: Sir Zei and his wife who, following the predecessors, made of our Florentine cuisine their key strength.

Later Graziano, who married the Emilian Maria, decided to change life. He quitted his job as school bus driver and realized, with the help of Maria, his dream: iherit the Trattoria from the father. The two spouses contributed to the success of the restaurant for about 40 years, until Maria, one year from the pension, bewitched the Brothers Samà with succulent dishes, typical smells of food just prepared and coffee poured directly from the moka .

It is in 2004 that the new young owners, one year after the first dinner at the trattoria, decided to make the historic restaurant own, leaving the same care dedicated of homemade pasta, meat selection, selection of raw materials and to the restaurant, which continues to be welcoming and familiar just like to “your home”.


For lunch there is the possibility to choose a trio, a vegetarian, complete and fast single course. Hot or cold, a first or second course and a side dish, with fantasy in a trio.

For dinner, for who already knows Cesarino, the restaurant is also a meeting place where have relax. A complete variety of starters (always different), among vegetable or meat pies, vegetables, mussels, squids and chicory, ficattole (fried dough) and Tuscan cold cuts with pecorino cheese, for example.

As first course, potato tortelli, taglierini with speck and truffle, garganelli, cannelloni, dumplings, soups. And than, steak slices, liver, fillet and Doc Florentine steak.


Both for lunch and dinner the trattoria recommends among the various Tuscan specialities, above all the Doc Florentine steak. The fish is equally fresh and cooked like at home, few additions and a lot of product. Then cannelloni and handmade dumplings.

Cold cuts and cheeses platters are unmissable, as starters and also as single course. Cesarino assure you a perfect service, kindness and smile, a warranty of the Florentine cuisine in the historic centre, in a historic area, for habitual and new customers, welcome and desired. 


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Monday – Sunday
11:00 a.m – 11:00 p.m



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