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What is easter for Italians?

Somethings missing in Italy for easter, and what is it?

Well what’s really missing for the easter is that you won’t see the famous cute bunny or they don’t go for easter egg hunt. PASQUA for Italian people is a joyous celebration marked with rituals and traditions.

Pasqua is a day where family gathering is considered mainly. Italaians do want this day to be celebrated with the families and prefer not to visit their friends places at least on a special day like this. Italians always make sure that their dining table is filled with the flavours of the tradition recipes.

Lets take a look what will be very special about the menu of Trattoria Cesarino for easter this time.

Traditional salami

Traditionalli made cheese

Gnudi (gree gnocchi)

Roast Lomb

Tonta Rustica

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